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Marsfire Philosophy: Stale vs. Fresh Energy

Interior design project with feng shui consultancy, home apartment flat plan, top view with bagua and tao symbol, yin and yang polarity, monogram concept background

Despite popular opinion, our homes are not a storage unit for our material possessions, but a protector of everything sentimental and valuable. At the top of that list, your family and of course, yourself. The space we call home, regardless of size, becomes our personal sanctuary and should reflect your aura, personality, and how you perceive yourself. Just as we ourselves constantly grow and evolve, your space should change with you. I don’t necessarily mean to redecorate with each life change, rather to keep a steady flow of in/out energy. 

Biologically, energy flows through an ecosystem in one direction. Imagine your home as a living system in which the flow is necessary for it to survive. When a house becomes uninhabited for a period, the energy no longer flows, becoming stagnant. Unfortunately, stagnancy can build even when we’re inhabiting a space. This happens when parts of the space are not cleared of dead energy, often manifesting in the form of clutter, allergen traps, and mold. These examples cause health effects and physical dangers that, though seemingly obvious, tend to go unnoticed or ignored.

Warning: The following information may be unsettling but don’t be mad at me, deep down you already knew…Cobwebs are skin cell traps. The longer you let it build, it slowly encloses the room starting in corners and working its way inward, contributing to dead energy in your living space. Dust contains allergens such as pollen that makes its way in from outside. If you live in up in the Hollywood Hills like I do, you’re all too familiar with the dirt blown up by those famous Santa Ana winds! Our homes get dust build up very quickly. Mold grows in moist, porous areas, most commonly the shower, ironically the spot that is specifically meant to clean your body. This is why it is a good idea to hire a housekeeper to regularly clean (ideally, weekly or every other week) to consistently rid the unhealthy buildup. It’s an investment in your physical health plus the integrity of your house. These examples of ridding negative energy are less noticeable than our more automatic habits such as washing dishes and taking out trash.

Not all energy in your house is “dead”, some items may simply no longer serve you personally, “stale” energy. We tend to attach emotions to objects, whether we realize it or not. Wardrobe closets are a good example of a space that has mixed negative and positive energy. Often times, we forget to follow one of my favorites rules “in with the new, out with the old” (makes more sense inverted). Many people buy new items without making room for them, beginning the clutter dilemma. One thing I see often while cleaning bathrooms is product clutter. It’s always efficient to replace a product before it’s finished. However I’ve noticed that clients sometimes keep the last of the old bottle but can’t wait to open the fresh one, especially if it’s a new shampoo you can’t wait to try. This is why it’s a good idea to have an extra storage area in some rooms for backstock. I use the top of my bathroom sink for products I’m currently using (no doubles), then keep new products next in line organized on the shelf underneath my sink. Bulk items such as toilet paper should have a separate easy to reach yet discreet storage spot. Keep new shower products behind the used ones so that the moment you use the last drop, the new one will be handy.

The term “spring cleaning” has always bothered me. Once a year is not enough to clear past energy that no longer serves you. Even a seasonal deep clean/purge 2-4 times per year probably doesn’t cut it for most jobs. The only space this number suffices is wardrobe closet purging. Most every other space needs to be kept up much more often. One of the services the Marsfire Method offers is a recommended rotating deep clean schedule. This means your maid will have a different room each week that she will deep clean along with the general cleaning of the rest of the house, so that there is never a need for a once per year dreaded “spring cleaning”. On the organizational side, keeping up with simple tasks such as sorting mail will help run your life smoothly. It helps to create a task schedule to decipher jobs that should be done daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally. 

While I do not particularly study the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, I do agree with and follow the core essence of the theory. Feng Shui translates to wind and water, which to me is a metaphor for a constant flow of circulating energy. The practice promises overall life success on the basis of auspiciously positioned furniture and item placement. While some of the details and rules might seem a bit silly, the general premise makes perfect sense. Arranging furniture is a great way to direct positive energy into your space and negative energy out. You should rearrange a room when it doesn’t feel as alive as it used to. I like to rearrange my bedroom seasonally. Not only does it give me a chance to clean the floors underneath furniture, it also helps me see things that got pushed behind new items so I concurrently declutter. A deeply cleaned/organized bedroom, while repurposing areas to fit my ever changing needs, is usually the boost I need to enter the new quarter with a fresh mindset. Now, I’m not the biggest believer in luck. However if we operate at a high level of efficiency in our homes, it will surely trickle to our work and head space, in turn having an effect on our success. With a clean, organized living space, we’ll be better equipped to manage the stress that’s bound to come our way, especially if we are those who strive to fulfill self actualization and far-reaching dreams. 

My goal for Marsfire Method is to create easily manageable systems and provide consistent upkeep to enable your home to flow with positive energy that will undoubtedly cause a ripple effect in your health, personal care, career advancement, etc. I aim to make sure these systems are reasonable, coherent, and functional. Above all, they are personally designed to fit individual needs. Don’t be afraid to admit you need help! I often hear clients use the word “embarrassed” but honestly, the bigger the mess, the more exciting the challenge. It’s so easy to let clutter get out of hand and so common to feel too overwhelmed to tackle projects alone. You’re not alone, the average Joe(sephina)’s brain is not able to instinctively compartmentalize upon first glance at a pile of junk. Luckily, there are professionals who possess this capability and are more than happy to teach others our ways! 

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