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Client Reviews

“Bonnie’s organization skills are HEAVEN. Not only that the deep cleaning was *chef’s kiss*. I highly recommend for Hollywood hills and surrounding areas. Thanks Bonnie and team 🙂 The plus side, is that she’s available last minute for any emergency situations!”  -Gianina R.

“I’m literally speechless…you’ve done such a good job.  That was like christmas morning when I got home.  I’m so impressed Bonnie, genuinely!”  -Liam H.

“The place looks so great!!! I can’t stop smiling. Thanks so much.”  -Kyle H.

“LIFE. CHANGING!!!”  -Lauren D.

“Bonnie and her amazing team came in and not only gave the place the much needed thorough clean it needed, but were incredibly warm and courteous and detail-oriented throughout!! Repeat!!”  -Ryan G.

“I hired Bonnie and her crew for a large job when I was moving out of a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment. I had lived there for 5 years so I had accumulated a ton of things and it was pretty grimey. She did an immaculate stuff helping me back and organize to get rid of stuff I didn’t need, and left the place spotless for me to return to my landlord to avoid any deductions of my deposit! Amazing job and would highly recommend to anyone!”  -Natalie R.

“My kitchen was an absolute nightmare! Bonnie at Marsfire Method smartly organized all my cupboards, counter space and drawers. My newly organized kitchen is now inviting and so stress-free! After the organizing was efficiently done, Rachel on her cleaning team comes once a week to clean my whole house. I highly recommend Marsfire Method. Bonnie and her team of professionals works quickly and efficiently to keep my house in order with very little disruption.”  -Larry T.

“Probably one of the best cleaning services in Los Angeles I’ve ever used. From the initial phone call to schedule, to show up on time, and into an astonishing clean house! Will look forward to our next time.”  -Jonathon H.

“Bonnie is an expert organizer! I highly recommend her! She helped me pack, move, clean, unpack & organize my new home & love it! It’s easy to find everything & easy to keep organized! Plus she is a pleasure to work with! Can not recommend her more highly!! Hire her you will be so happy you did!!!”  -Natalia B.

“Bonnie showed up with the right equipment and did an absolutely wonderful job with fine tuning our storage and rooms in our house. Highly recommended. :)”  -John O.

“Bonnie is amazing. I thought I could just do the cleaning myself but there’s no way I would have got through it or done as well. So grateful for her helping  clean & organize. My space felt so good afterwards.”  -Lily L.

“Bonnie’s attention to detail and the way she intuits what kind of organization works for me specifically is truly amazing. To be fair, I’m pretty disorganized and prone to creating clutter, but how she thoroughly cleans and organizes my belongings–whether it’s all my books in my living room, piled up items in my freezer, the clutter and junk in my car…haha–and also how she makes all my everyday/important stuff visible and accessible allows me to keep up with the tidiness of my space more effectively and for longer stretches of time without having to try too hard. Just super grateful for Marsfire Method.”  –Cindy V.




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