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Methodic Solutions

Transforming Your Home From Chaos To Comfort


Deep Clean & Organize (most unique): A team (usually 3) transforms room by room, inside and out, top to bottom. We rearrange every item (furniture included), creating new user friendly systems, while cleaning all items, cabinets, drawers, etc.  Typically, organizing services do not also clean and cleaning services do not simultaneously organize.

First Time Declutter & Clean (most popular): A team (typically two) uses your current system to clear all items neatly from surfaces in order to clean, transforming rooms on a surface level.

Clean & Tidy Upkeep: Regular scheduled plan specific to your home and needs.


Car wash: Water saving exterior wash, interior vacuum/tidy, plus seat shampoo.

Donation seperation/pick up: Ensure that your used clothing goes directly to a credible shelter rather than resold.

Recycle clearing: We’ll provide a small bin to collect paper & plastic that we’ll clean & clear with your regular service. Save CRV items for us to clean, separate, and donate.

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